Consumer debt collection and charge-off is a massive, burdensome part of the expense of operating a credit card business.

If you are a representative of a credit card company of any size, the Florida credit card collection attorneys at Lotane & Associates, may be able to help with cost-effective, efficient recovery of money owed to you on delinquent accounts.


Cost-Effective Contingency Rates

Our effective contingency rates could amount to less than the actual contingency rates of collection agencies. This is often the case because, depending on the agreement with the debtor, attorneys’ fees could be added to the account.

Example of Our Services vs. That of a Collection Agency:

If a collection agency attempts to recover on credit card charged-off balance of $1000 with a 1/3 contingency rate, you, the credit card company could net approximately $667.

However, when our consumer debt lawyers collect money owed to you, if we are able to add $400 in attorneys’ fees, this means that with the same 1/3 contingency rate, your company could receive a healthy $934 out of $1000 balance owed.

To learn about how our consumer debt collection lawyers can pursue collection of money owed to you, contact us today.

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