Insurance carriers are encouraged to contact Lotane & Associates, for assistance with collecting subrogation losses. Our collections and subrogation law firm has handled tens of thousands of auto and property damage-related subrogation claims.

We are committed to resolving cases, including litigation to collect losses paid out to your insured. Whether we represent clients in arbitration forums or many ways to resolve cases once insurance has been discovered.


Subrogation Benefiting Auto Insurance Companies

In order to pursue return of insurance companies’ money following payment of an automobile property damage claim and subsequent lawsuit, our attorneys conduct detailed investigations into all facets of accidents, claims, and post-judgment settlements. We identify responsible parties in an attempt to get every applicable out-of-pocket cost back for insurance companies as well as for insurance customers when applicable.

Contact us to discuss subrogation and to inquire how we can design a collection program suitable to your organization.

Lotane & Associates, P.A. in Cocoa, FL handles legal collections and auto subrogation throughout the entire state of Florida and Georgia.

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