Lotane & Associates, P.A is a debt collection law firm handling debt collections throughout the state of Florida and Georgia. Since 1979, we have pursued collection of thousands of delinquent debt accounts annually. When debtors owe our clients’ money and they are unwilling or unable to repay, we are prepared to expedite cases rapidly to litigation.


Affordable Professional Legal Collections

Many creditors are pleasantly surprised to learn that our services can be as affordable as those of collection agencies that do not provide direct attorney – client relationships.  Our attorneys are well versed in creditors’ rights and best practices for recovery on delinquent or charged-off accounts.

Cost-Effective Professional Legal Collections

Because we handle collections on a contingency basis, our services are affordable for creditors of all sizes.  Clients are welcome to contact us to discuss other possible costs.

When attorneys’ fees available for collection from debtors are taken into account, our effective contingency rates can end up being substantially less than the rates charged by collection agencies.  In fact, we welcome collection agencies to contact us to discuss the establishment of collaborative efforts.

Account Analysis

The attorneys of Lotane & Associates, P.A., have years of experience employing many legal collection means of recovery on delinquent accounts.  Through our analysis of accounts, we rank accounts based on their probability of being collectable through litigation.  We take into account a number of factors, including the value of a patient’s assets, credit scores, and other criteria.

Cost Containment Is A Priority

Our collection attorneys understand the importance of cost containment for our creditor clients. Our business clients can qualify for litigation only those accounts which cannot be collected through voluntary payment plans and other non-litigation means.

Our clients also appreciate the fact that we never incur additional costs without first consulting with them regarding our strategies and the rationale behind any extra expenses.

Personalized Service and 24/7 Attorney Access

For more than 30 years our commercial debt recovery attorneys have been personally accessible and involved in all aspects of our clients’ debt collection and subrogation cases.

Clients have 24/7 accessibility to our lawyers who are quickly available to deal with time-sensitive matters.

We Are Here For You

Our collection attorneys, along with our highly trained, dedicated staff and up-to-date technology, pursue recovery of delinquent accounts by all legal means.  If your business is in need of our legal collection services, know that we will be there for you. We will answer your calls and emails. We will make sure that you can talk to an attorney or management at any time. We care about our clients. To inquire about how we can design a collection program suitable to your organization, contact us today.

Firm’s Mission Statement

Client Minded, Community Centered.