Delinquent Debt

Banks, credit unions, finance companies, hospitals, and apartment complexes or management companies are invited to contact us to learn how we can facilitate legal debt collection.

Lotane & Associates, has over 30 years of experience handling all aspects of collections and subrogation, including:


Our collections law firm emphasizes personal relationships with our creditor clients. Lotane & Associates, offers computerization, cost containment practices, a professional collection department, and respectful, effective communication with debtors.


We believe that most people want to take care of their financial obligations. We treat debtors with compassion, respect, and reason. We take into account their individual circumstances and work with them to establish voluntary payment plans before resorting to post-judgment proceedings.

Medical Collections

We assist hospitals in collecting unpaid medical bills by all legal means, including hospital liens and contacting debtors to discuss repayment. We have experience filing hospital liens in the Florida counties which have hospital lien ordinances. Contact us to learn how we could help your hospital establish an efficient lien management program.

Insurance Subrogation

Following an auto accident, our subrogation lawyers will attempt to identify all responsible parties to pursue every applicable out-of-pocket cost for insurance companies.

Financial Institutions

Florida & Georgia banks, credit unions, and finance companies are invited to examine our streamlined, professional delinquent credit account collection legal services.

Credit Card Collections

We welcome contact from credit card companies of all sizes to assist with charged-off account collections in Florida and Georgia.

Collection Agencies

We can establish cooperative agreements with collection agencies, maximizing the resources of the agency and our collection law firm with cost-effective collection strategies. To inquire how we can design a collection program suitable to your organization, contact us through our website, email or phone.

Lotane & Associates, P.A. in Cocoa, FL handles legal collections and auto subrogation throughout the entire state of Florida and Georgia.

Firm’s Mission Statement

Our mission is to exceed our clients’ expectations through continuous improvement in quality, service and productivity. We shall consistently treat our clients, employees and the community with honesty, dignity, fairness and respect and conduct our business with the highest ethical standards.